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When follow up hands fed, the crawl happens. Hand wheel inverses with the high backlashes(maximum one bout)

Reason 1no floatation of sliding way can lead to damp-dryness or dry friction, so that it can enable the wheel stand slide to increase friction resistance. However, the hydraulic brake can not affect the screw-design of nut-type. Whats more, guide screw is deem to have moment of torque in the process of twisting.

solution 1the same as sliding way
reason 2There is too much backlash between the guide screw & half nuts
solution 2 0.06-0.10mmthe distance should be restricted to 0.06-0.10mm between the guide screw & half nuts.

The adjusting methods:

measures the backlash by using plug.
Loosen the four screws of fastened half nut and make the nut be in gear with the screw rod. Expose the countersink of one of the nuts, touch the top of the nut by using indicator, then screw the rest of the three nuts tightly to hoist the half nut. Watching the variation of the indicator, rebreed the plug if the variation is more than 0.10mm

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