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Glide way doesn’t work well & lead to crawl.


 Reason 1the glide way is not adjusted to the optimized condition.

solution 1:
① flow-adjusting method:
Hoist the working bench or wheel rack on machine bed or back plate with the adjustment of 0.5~06Mpa(press-reducing valve) & 0.15-0.3Mpa(lubrication stabilizer ‘s pressure). Then, adjust the current regulator gradually with the shape between drops wise & linear when the oil effuses, that is to say nearly liner shape. The flow in the middle of ordinary working bench is less and that of its end is more according to loading of lubricated point in glide way. Vice versa, it is less in the end of flat glide way.
② Controlling method of indicator measures:
Do not hoist the working bench & chute, choose the fabrication parts to support between the apexes & take the high-sensitive micrometer gauge as the indicator. Put a indicator in every oil film , adjust  the pressure to the specified value, turn of f current regulators and then adjust fluctuations to 0.002~0.02(H147 can be within 0.002~0.03mm).
Notice: Do not be hasty when you are adjusting. Watch the indication of indicators and then restart the oil pump to stabilize by iteration. Put the paper filter before the lubricant enters into the isle of current regulator.
reason  2Uncleanness of oil leads to the clogging of current regulator
solution 2Exchange the cleaning oil.
reason  3The screw bolt of current regulator loosens.
solution 3Anti- loosen by increasing damping after the exchange.
reason  4:
Bad contact of the glide way leads to the leakage of sealing oil.  any damage of the front part of wheel stand will enable the grinding dust to mix with condensate with the result of the heavy abrasion of the glide way(front part) and pressure leakage of the front cavity.
solution 4:
① Restore of the glide way to keep the oil edge in good condition and the torn body should be avoided; after scraping, scrap 0.002-0.005mm between the balance groove, enhancing the static pressure of the oil pocket.
② Install protection system correctively to prevent grinding dusts from entering the glide way area.

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