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Introduce some procedures & methods for outer cylinder installation & some solutions to several common problems to be referenced by customers. (the installation & debugging of machine beds for special use offered by our company and the digital-controll

Distinguished customers:
12£®The operator must be in line with what is requested in reality with his/her work certificate in case of mishandle. Check the basic line of work piece(central hole) and add the lubricant without anything wrong . Adjust the holding power from the end stand according to the weight of components. Measure the processing components according to the manufacturing accuracy of the machine bed. It can be put into use after benchmarking.
We believe that customer is our God according to the marketing investigation. Make a brief introduction of how to install and debug for the ordinary outer-cylinder grinder and a few of common failures & countermeasures, so that the customers can make a reference to it. We assign the special persons who are trained by company to install the machine for special use & digital-controlling machine.
The methods for the installation of ordinary outer-cylinder grinder.
1.Hoist according to the hoisting warnings with moderate length of string in case of breakage of components
2£®Put the packing case in a safe place and open it. After opening, check it carefully according to the packing list of accessory case and put spare parts & protecting marks together.
3£®After separating the main machine from the base plate, put it in the installation position£¨install the bed in correct position & put the block sides according to the ground plot £©
. Dismantle the fixed devices of the slipper from the bed, such as: work plate, fixed plate from wheel stand. Then, clean out the anti-rust oil from the bed.
5£®Clean out the anti-rust oil from the top, end of the bed & the wheel stand. The specific requirements are as follows: A. suspend the head & end bracket, clean out the anti-rust oil & anti-rust paper and then put the head & end bracket on the correct position. B. suspend the wheel stand, remove the anti-slipping plate and put the ball frame on the guide way. Juxtapose the two larger ball frames on the flat way, put the smaller ball frames on the V-shape way and put a row of ball frames on the two ways respectively.

Please suspend the wheel stand carefully, especially when you put the ball frame. When the wheel stand exposes the half nut, do put the mobile hand-wheel carefully, so that the wheel stand can be in gear with the screw nut.
6£®Adjust: put the level gauge on measuring bridge floor of the work bench and make the areal survey. Pay more attentions to the position of the sizing block to check if it is suitable.
7.After leveling the bed installation, clean the head & end brackets and oil the underside. The head bracket should be put on the fixed position on the work bench according to the requirements. The end brackets can be fixed on the work bench according to the length of life ware.
8£®Fill the oil to grinder for hydraulic use complying with he instruction book of the beds. Good oil for good quality hydraulic in case of damages to hydraulic system due to rare oil and poor-quality. Fill the lubricant for wheel stand use according to the instruction books. Do scrutinize the oil quality before filling and filtrate the oil with the moderate amount.
9£®Installation of electrical appliance: Check if the ware meets the needs of the electric voltage for the machine bed. Check the box for electrical appliance in case of the collision in the process of delivery. The procedures of testing running: (1).start the hydraulic oil pump and check the hydraulic pressure & lubricant of guide way according to the instruction book; (2). It is normal for the operation of wheel & principle axis with one-hour rotation of belt. (3). Check the parallelism wheel carefully and put the paralleled wheel on the principle axis of the wheel. If it were normal under continuous working of the wheel, the work bench would be installed.
10£®Check the cooling system and install the cooling tube correctly. Add the cool fluid according to requirement. Do the water using test to see if the wheel can move smoothly and the switches (both open & close) work well.
11£®The wheel should be paralleled twice before mill test and re-paralleled the wheel after it immersed into water.
Welcome to using the products offered by Shaanxi Qinchuan Grand Machine Co.Ltd. in order to make our products be acknowledged by more customers, first of all , please read the instruction book carefully before using our products ,so that you can get more information about the performance & using methods of the machine you had bought .

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